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We have been saving lives for 30 years.

Our goal at SpayGeorgia goal is to reduce the number of unwanted dogs and cats in Georgia by providing low cost spay/neuter certificates.

SpayGeorgia Believes

Education is the key to ending the cycle of “impound and kill” as a method of controlling pet overpopulation. We believe that it is important to teach both children and adults the importance of kindness to animals and responsible pet care.

Pet overpopulation degrades the quality of life in our communities, and is quite costly to taxpayers.


Certificates Issued

Surgeries in 2020


  • SpayGeorgia provides low-cost spay/neuter certificates at an affordable price.
  • This program is intended for people who need  partial financial assistance in order to have their own pets spayed or neutered. While SpayGeorgia is a low-cost program, it is not a free program.
  • The goal of this program is to reduce the number of unwanted animals. By having your pet spayed or neutered, you are acting responsibly as part of the solution to the tragedy of pet overpopulation.
  • Each spay/neuter certificate covers the cost of routine spay/neuter surgery, including preparation for surgery, anesthesia, the spay/neuter procedure, routine hospitalization as required, and removal of stitches if necessary. Vaccinations, testing for diseases, deworming, and all other medical procedures are not covered by the certificate and you are responsible for payment for these services.
  • Most vet clinics require vaccinations to be current in order to spay or neuter pets; check on requirements and prices at the selected vet clinic before you make an appointment.

You Can Help

SpayGeorgia depends entirely on membership fees, donations, and fundraising events to support our programs. We do not receive moneys from any group or government agency.
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You can help by becoming a member of SpayGeorgia, making a tax-deductible donation, or by assisting with any of our various events and activities.


100% of the profits support our low-cost spay/neuter certificates. Visit Our SHOP and check out our swag.

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Thank-you for 30 Years!

Thank-you for 30 Years!

For the last 30 years, SpayGeorgia has been working hard to save lives. Our efforts to decrease the pet overpopulation reduces the suffering of...

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Amazon Wish List

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