We appreciate all of our veterinarians and clinics. Each year we recognize the clinic that has done the most spay/neuters for SpayGeorgia. Our Veterinarian of the Year for 2016 is Leesburg Animal Hospital. Maria Hughes, veterinary assistant, reports that there is a big feral cat problem in Leesburg, and some of their clients are only able to alter the cats with SG certificates. They feel they are helping more people be able to afford the surgery by being a part of our program. Many of their new clients with certificates have become regular patrons.

A note from Dr. Clarke…

Thank-you for the honor of selecting my veterinary practice, Lessburg Animal Hosptal, as Veterinarian of the Year. I have a team of ladies that work diligently and give of their hearts day in and day out to patients who cannot thank them.

It is nice to hear their efforts are recognized by an outsider. This acknowledgement will go a long way.

Thank-you also for running a great program that services so many animals and gives veterinarians an opportunity to give back. It is a win-win situation for all involved.

Haley Clarke