California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed an Anti-Chaining Bill into law. Dog chaining is now limited to three hours in the state of California. This precedent-setting dog protection measure was sponsored by the California Animal Association, a coalition of 15 animal protection groups. Several veterinarians testified at hearings on the negative physical and psychological effects associated with long-term chaining of dogs. In addition, animal control representatives who have witnessed the horrible neglect and suffering of animals living on the end of a chain, spoke out in favor of the bill. With the enactment of SB 1578, California becomes the second state in the nation to address dog chaining at the state level. Connecticut passed a law in 2003 which bans dog chaining for an “unreasonable period” of time. SB 1578 limits dog chaining in California to three hours. The bill permits the use of a pulley or trolley system, instead, and allows dogs to be chained at parks and recreation areas, during activities licensed by the state that involve the use of a dog, and during agricultural operations for safety reasons. Way to go California!!

–Information from Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights

The Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights actively works toward the acquisition of rights for all nonhuman animals by educating the public and the veterinary profession about a variety of issues concerning nonhuman animal use. The AVAR is actively seeking reformation of the way society treats all nonhumans and an increase in environmental awareness, as well.