In October of 2014, Dave Edwards established the Facebook group, Atlanta Pit Bull Networking (APBN). The main purpose of this group is to promote Pit Bulls at Atlanta area shelters for adoption or rescue.In the state of Georgia, the population of pit bulls has spiraled out of control. Based on the philosophy that spaying or neutering pit bulls (and ALL other breeds) is

the most humane method of population control, APBN members began donating money to purchase SpayGeorgia certificates.

To date, 196 spay or neuter certificates have been funded through this informal program, called The APBN Spay & Neuter Initiative. The SpayGeorgia program has been especially helpful to APBN because it allows the initiative to serve dog owners across the Greater Atlanta area, as opposed to spay/neuter programs that select a single clinic.

Dave is planning on establishing a 501c3 organization for 2017 in order to greatly expand fundraising efforts, with the goal of altering 2,500 or more pit bulls each year starting in 2020 or before. As the fundraising base expands, the program plans to provide spay/neuter certificates to other large breeds and to puppies regardless of breed.